5 Things You Should NOT Do While Seducing Your Man

It does not matter how old or how young your relationship is. If you are into him and he is into you and things are hot and healthy, it is always a good idea to seduce him. Now, a lot of people confuse seducing with having sex. The truth is that seducing is the art of making the other person imagine things, feel tempted, attracted and beg for your body. Now that you know what are we trying to do, here are 5 things that you should NOT do while seducing him.

Let Him Have His Way

This is the worst thing you can let a man do to you while you are still steaming up the things. This kills the vibe and puts an end to the whole act. When he touches you, push him away and continue teasing. He might resist the push at first but push your rules on him if you want to have fun.

Give Him Flat Emotions

Emotions play an important part in the game of seduction. A babydoll sure gets his attention but nothing gets more attention than a bold smile and a naughty smirk. Make him feel weak, get him on the knees and play with his head. A man has several fantasies and they replay in his head every time he sees a beautiful girl. You are probably a part of his multiple fantasies.

Dress Flat

Sure you can seduce him in your denim and sneakers but if you have the chance and the scene, opt for lingerie or a pair of sexy panties with high heels. The idea is to get into his head and give him the ideas that feel like teenage dreams. You could try power colors like black and blue. However, if you wish to come off as a soft and vulnerable kitten, opt for pink and other mellow shades.

Undress Instantly

The game of seduction is fruitful only if it’s slow and charming. If you are a girl who likes to undress quickly, you might want to keep a control on yourself and let him beg and request you to undress. While undressing, make sure that you strictly follow the ‘no touching’ rule.

Spoil The Mood

Always finish what you start. Do not leave the act in the middle. If you think you cannot hold the act for a long duration or if you know that there is not enough time, fasten up the act but never ever ditch an excited man. It is the worst thing you can do.

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