Boss and Secretary Role Play Ideas

Boss and secretary role play is an oldie but a goodie.

Traditional boss and secretary roleplay ideas typically have the man as the boss and the woman as the secretary. The fantasy usually plays out when the secretary does something wrong and the boss punishes her.

This is a great way to incorporate BDSM into the role play as the boss can punish the secretary using handcuffs, whips and other kinds of toys.

Of course, the feminist movement has changed a lot and nowadays, it’s not always the man who is the dominant boss. The woman can also be the one holding the reigns. She can tell her man what to do and what not to do and punish him as she sees fit.

Some people find it really sexy to have sex while knowing they could get caught at any time. This can easily be incorporated into the boss and secretary sex role play ideas.

If they have sex in the boss’s office, they will have to finish quickly before anyone catches them. If that happens, they can both get fired…and it can be even worse if one of them is married!

Another reason the boss and secretary fantasy is so sexy is that it juxtaposes sex against a corporate environment. So ladies, be sure to get that hair pulled back, those glasses on and wear those tight pencil skirts. Then get ready to whip them off to reveal those thigh high stockings and sexy bra and panty sets.

The boss and secretary fantasy is one that has withstood the test of time, and with good reason. It is a sexy roleplay idea that can spice up anyone’s love life. How will you be using this scenario to have more fun in bed?

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