Four ways to explore your sensuality: 

If there’s one thing Hollywood and the media is really good at, it’s telling us to be sexier or worse, that we are not sexy enough. While I believe that comfort should always be a top priority. Sometimes, we get a desire to step out of the shadows and make the best of our moments. How do we do this?

In some ways, exploring our sensuality helps with knowing ourselves more and by extension, loving and embracing our whole selves and all our fun quirks. But sensuality can be a hard cookie to swallow or adjust to. Although the media promotes so much of it, many people are forced to face the reality that if you don’t look a certain way or come from a certain subgroup of people, the general definition of attractive or sexy simply does not apply to you. This makes it difficult to find the courage to explore. With that in mind here are four ways to explore your sensuality.

Confidence. This is a core part of what it means to accept who you are. Sensuality isn’t about changing the person but simply digging deeper or searching wider into the scopes of what exists. And to do so we must first be confident in ourselves and the things we possess.

Comfort. I know right? The whole point is to ‘step out’ of the comfort zone. Truth is, we can step out of the familiar without sacrificing our comfort. Confidence cannot be achieved in discomfort.  While we seek to learn new things about ourselves maintaining safe boundaries of comfort keep us stable and less likely to feel out of place.

Erotic lingerie. This is a simple way to test what works for you, what themes you gravitate to and what things you dislike. Not only is lingerie a known confidence booster, exploring lingerie is an easy way of knowing and expanding your taste.

Sex toys. Sex toys are a great way to explore sensuality indoors. They are great because they don’t all rely on the presence of a partner, which some of us either don’t have or are not yet willing to introduce to that level of our exploration. Sex toys provide confidence in the autonomy that comes with giving yourself pleasure and exploring what is traditionally not popularly discussed.

These are four beginner steps that I hope will help set you on your path of self-discovery.

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