The Do’s and Don’ts of Erotic looks.

Welcome, we are all here for one thing and that’s erotic fashion. Even if you have not dabbled in it, you are at the very least interested if you came on the blog, which means this weeks segment is going to be very helpful for you. This way you can avoid making beginners mistakes and execute that look like a pro!

Before we get into that though, bodysuit lingerie is a staple in almost every home and certainly a great choice for those who want to get the best out of their buck. So, there is a fun tip to consider having in your closet as a beginner.

Do. If wearing sexy lingerie solved our issues and were all it took to have a killer erotic look we would all just buy erotic lingerie Canada and be done with it, but a big issue many people face is how to dress it. Try bolder but not flashy colors and accessorize with pale colors such as black white or grey. This helps push the versatility of your outfit while also allowing you to rock that sexy look in a business environment.

Don’t. Wearing mesh beneath tight-fitting clothes is a big no, mesh material is easily revealed under softer material and will have you looking rough rather than sexy. Go for more firm material if you choose to wear mesh or try switching to a different material for underwear.

Don’t. Another big no is wearing dark colors beneath light colors. Somebody say see-through! Always go for a dark color beneath dark clothes and light color beneath light clothes. An exception to this is white on white which is truly an honestly just chaotic neutral personified.

Do. When you buy lingerie online in Canada make sure to ask tons of questions about the fit. This can make all the difference in how it will look on your body.

Do check your size before you buy lingerie in Canada stores.

Don’t pair different prints together! Subtly or boldly matching your lingerie items is always a plus but mixing prints, no matter how well you think you have done, will likely end in disaster!

Do match your lingerie with your lipstick. This is a fun habit that can be exciting when shown, shared, or hidden. It doesn’t matter if your lingerie is openly paired, shown only to your partner or for your personal pleasure, matching your lipstick or makeup to your kinky lingerie is a power move irrespective of if it is done silently, or not.

Let me know what you think of these!

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