What Are Thongs and Why Do You Need Them?

There are two questions that we are going to answer today. First: what are thongs; and second: why should every woman own them? We will keep it simple and short (just like thongs should be). Let’s start!

Ok, first thing first. A lot of people do not understand the difference between a panty and a thong. Let us clear that air. A panty is a general term that is used to describe any women underwear. Whereas, a thong is a type of panty. So, technically, you cannot compare the two. You can call a thong a panty. Hope that clears the initial doubts. Now, moving on to more important questions.

What is a Thong?

A thong is sleek underwear that can be termed as a trimmed panty and a variant of the bikini. It hides the vag and shows off the buttocks in their full glory. Fashion models wear them all the time and they look amazingly hot. Most women do not wear them because a thong comes off as a strong piece of clothing that everyone cannot wear.

Thongs were designed to look hot and make women come off as tempting to their partners. Do they solve the purpose? You bet they do. Thongs can make a man go mad and fall on his knees in under a second.

Now that we know what is a thong, let’s move on to the next question.

Why Should Every Woman Own a Thong?

Thongs were made to look sexy. They look sexy and are generally worn as a part of the lingerie. A lot of women who wear thongs claim that they are comfortable and better than any other panty they have worn in the past. Our research with these women have revealed the following reasons why should women buy thongs:

  • They look super hot.
  • They make your ass look bigger and better.
  • They do not produce panty lines beneath a dress.
  • They are comfortable, especially in summers.

To sum up, thongs are highly erotic and you should have one for your man. If you have not worn thongs in the past, you will need to muster some courage to wear it the first time. However, legend says, if you wear thongs once, there is no going back.

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