How To care for Less than Basic Lingerie Material 

As difficult as it may be to buy lingerie in Canada maintenance can be an even more tricky exercise in patience and care. Sure when you were surfing the web and trying to buy lingerie online in Canada

It felt like a pretty decent idea to get the faux leather or suede bodysuit set, they just looked amazing on the model, and probably look good on you too. Problem is, wash day has arrived and well, something tells you this material doesn’t belong in the washer or dryer. Something would be right.

Or maybe you simply branching into the world of fetish lingerie and experimenting with buying erotic lingerie in Canada. Regardless of your reason, caring for lingerie can be strenuous, confusing and frustrating. These factors are only further amplified with the addition of more sensitive material like leather or suede.

Now that certainly doesn’t mean you should shy away from buying things that you like or want; it just means you need simple tricks to take care of them. So the next time you go shopping for lingerie in Ottawa you don’t have to worry about the consequence of maintenance.

First and foremost, always check the label. The label is always a great start to what you can and cannot do with your item. The signs will guide you into what is appropriate. For smaller items, go directly to the site, each lingerie company knows what works best for their items and may have specific guides you will need to follow. This is simply a general aide.

Materials like fur, or faux fur, silk, bead, hosiery, satin, should never be placed in the washer. This also goes for bras-exceptions apply if you have a kinky lingerie bag, then you simply insert the bra in the bag before placing the bag in the washer.

Never dry your lingerie in a dryer. It doesn’t matter what material it is composed of, or if your machine has a setting for “delicates”. It is never a safe or material friendly idea to place lingerie in a dryer.

The suede material is often stain-free, more so for faux suede which is surprisingly cheaper but perhaps, not as comfortable. To wash suede lingerie, simply lay it flat, and with a soft damp towel blot at spots, and then air dry.

Leather materials should be conditioned regularly to prevent it from going stiff. After each use, leather should be blot-cleaned and air dried to prevent shrinkage and stiffening.

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Good luck!

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